Ifb paper roll

Standard paper roll, thermal roll, rolls for printers, advertising roll

We manufacture standard and custom roll for any system and application

  • Wide variety of paper quality (thermal, offset, recycled, auto copy, impact, etc)
  • Thickness from 40 to 300 microns
  • All kinds of dimensions and size (width, diameter, length, internal diameter) perforated or with other cutting marks
  • Full colour and multi-sided backgrounds
  • Security elements: hologram, UV and iridescent ink, and / or numbering
  • Express delivery (24h/48h)


  • POS Terminals
  • Pay and Display machines
  • Advertising rolls
  • Lottery systems
  • Health care equipment
  • ATM banking machines
  • Queue Tickets
  • Fax paper rolls


Advertising ticket or roll

  • Minimum cost per impact for the advertiser
  • Free ticket for the retailer
  • Discount and promotions for the end customer

Personalized printing in 24 h