We develop full solutions including the design of antennas, and bonding and converting of tags and tickets, providing solutions to any area and application both present and future. HF and UHF Technology

Most used Microchips: NXP - SYMBOL - IMPINJ

Ifb ticketing


  • RFID tickets
  • PVC cards
  • or intermediate products: Inlay, wet inlay and white wet inlay


  • Public transport and passenger
  • Conferences, exhibitions, events
  • Identification of persons
  • Sports facilities or restricted areas
  • Parking areas / residents
  • Pedestrian access, special vehicles

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Ifb labelling


  • RFID tickets
  • RFID labels
  • Tags
  • or intermediate product: inlay, wet inlay and white wet inlay


  • Logistics and traceability
  • Library / information / data banks
  • Hospitals / patients / medications
  • Pharmacy and related products
  • Textiles
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Full production process control